Steffanie Blevins

Where do you feel the most inspired?

At home generally. When I have most of my comforts and family (aka animals) around me.

Tell us a little about your creative process.

Generally I just need a little caffeine and a direction to go in. Sometimes I surf the internet for ideas or style inspiration. Brainstorming with other artists is always a good exercise too. I’m very fortunate to be surrounded people who are very creative.

What kind of projects are you working on right now? Or what are some of your ideas for future projects?

I’m working on developing my oil painting and digital graphic work. Also I’ve been playing around with film photography. I don’t feel like I’m progressing unless I’m learning something new.

Who’s your favorite current artist? (aka social media artist)

Lora Zombie has been a huge inspiration to my traditional painting for a long time. (@lorazombie) Not only in style but also in business. I respect the work she’s put in to gain success. I feel like other artists can learn from her ventures.

If you could have dinner with any artist dead or alive who would it be?

I would buy dinner for Jamie Hewlett – unless he ordered something crazy expensive. In that case, I would just offer to share my appetizer and accept that he’s more well off than I am. He’s created some of my favorite character’s and I feel like we’d get along.

What advice would you give to an artist who wants to be just like you?

Stick to your guns – follow your nose because your heart and gut are idiots. If you accidentally follow your heart or gut then frequently consult your nose for advice.

If you could go back and give advice to your younger self something about your art what would it be?

Stop letting others take advantage of you. Know your worth and hold onto it. I see so many young artists (and myself many times) be manipulated into doing absurdly cheap or free work. You can’t eat “exposure” or pay your bills with it.

What’s your favorite supplies or “have to have” product/equipment that makes your process better?


What’s your favorite music to put on while creating?

I tend to play a mix of all my favorites- which makes for a roller-coaster of musical taste. But honestly it’s more of the emotional state it puts me in. When I’m tattooing you’ll find me listening to pop music or classics- more easy listening. Though if I’m painting- I’m probably listening to variations of rock with more lyrical content.

What’s your favorite film/tv show that you think everyone should see?

Bill Nye The Science Guy. Also, Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. Also – The Lego Movie.

What’s a subject that you know a surprising amount of?

I’m pretty awesome at gardening. Unless its flowers. Most people don’t know that I was raised on a farm that sustained my family for a good portion of my childhood.

What’s your favorite way of treating yourself after tackling a project?


How do you want to challenge yourself artistically in the future?

I want to keep learning new mediums and ways to express myself. Also new ways to make my work into merchandise. I’ve been experimenting more with different things like fashion and resin casting. I really want to learn how to weld…