Tylor Adair

Tylor is a painter who has “a weird obsession with detail.” He is intrigued by transparency, things that are old, and color. In his painting he loves to show the beauty where it is normally not recognized.

Where do you feel the most inspired?

I feel inspired when doing relaxing activities that give me the chance to be alone to think. I used to walk all the time, anywhere and everywhere it was amazing to let my mind wonder. Its gets me motivated and solves problems, even when I am not in the studio. I’ll be doing something, as simple as sitting outside smoking a cigar, and think , “oh, that’s how I do that”. The next time I am in the studio I apply what I have learned. Some of my inspiration can even come from looking at other peoples work. I am very fascinated by paintings that are realistic but loose. Its not a style I am trying to replicate, I just find it intriguing how an artist can lay down little paint, but tell the story just as well as a hyper-realistic version of the same painting could, maybe even more so.

Tell us a little about your creative process.

I paint in acrylics currently. I am looking to transition into oils. The way I start a painting is by determining the motif of the work. I pre-plan my paintings before laying anything down. Lately I have been in a real transition period, so I am doing a lot of smaller paintings to practice different techniques and subjects I find interesting. My larger paintings are more narrative. I come up with an idea from some things that happened in my life or something I found inspiring and brainstorm that idea until a visual comes to mind. The goal is to express the idea and tell a story. I want my work to say something more than just being a convincing object. After I have something I am comfortable with, I will scribble on the canvas with Graphite pencil, and start an underpainting using nothing but different values of Cadmium Red Light. Once all the values are there l lay in the color. I takes a lot of standing back and staring at the painting and getting feed back from people through social media before I feel like the painting is going the right direction. My painting are very realistic, I am a sucker for details!

What kind of projects are you working on right now? Or what are some of your ideas for future projects?

I am working on a painting of my daughter. It’s untitled at the moment. I am still in the early stages of the painting. She is 5 years old and is obsessed with this tablet of her’s, and I hate it. She has the rest of her life to sit in front of a screen. My wife and I encourage her to play with toys and use her imagination but all she wants to do is play with this thing. We limit her to an hour or two a day because it was becoming such a problem. So I took that idea and am painting her in a room, similar to her bedroom, she in near the background with her back turned playing the tablet. You can’t see it other than the light it emits but its clear there is some sort of device drawing her attention. The rest of the image is piles of toys, in the foreground, background, surrounding her, books on book shelves, an easel, stuffed animals; all these things, but all she is interested in is that device of hers. I am painting it to be relatively dark, because I want to really show a focus on the lights from what she is playing with.

Who’s your favorite current artist? (aka social media artist)

As I explore and learn about more artists, this changes but currently I really enjoy Lindsey Kustusch. She does a lot of beautiful night time cityscapes. I also really enjoy Dozier Bell, her ominous landscapes are simple, yet tell a story. I love the idea behind Chris Leib’s work. He paints Chimpanzees holding baby astronauts. Its really odd, but he is trying to portray the idea of humanity in its more primitive state verse humanity in the future but with the contrast of the primitive being the dominate figure and future in its infancy.

If you could have dinner with any artist dead or alive who would it be?

I would say da Vinci because he was my first inspiration but if I am having dinner with the artist, I would hope to learn something to help market my work in today’s market, so the person I would have dinner with would be a current artist at the top of his/her career. I do not know many artists that would be exactly what I am looking for, but Antrese Wood would be a good choice. She is a brilliant painter and I listen to her Pod cast all the time. She is at a high point in her career and with all her connections from her podcast, I could probably learn a substantial amount from her.

What advice would you give to an artist who wants to be like you?

Paint everyday! If you want to get better at any skill you need to do it often. Painting is no different. Also paint small, it allows you to go through the whole process from start to finished without spending countless hours on a piece. This helps you practice techniques and styles, or whatever you want and if it doesn’t work out not a whole lot of time was lost. Trash it or paint over it.

If you could go back and give advice to your younger self something about your art what would it be?

Do not stop painting. I stopped for over a year, and I know I would be further along if I hadn’t. Even though I have two kids now and its hard to find the time sometimes you just have to put in the time that you can, even if its just an hour.

If we are talking my pre-college self, I would say, my advice would be to go to a different school not that there was anything wrong with the school I attended. It was a tech school and going to a university and focusing on art and art education would have benefited me more. A degree in Video game production really doesn’t do much in an small area like Branson.

What’s your favorite supplies or “have to have” product/equipment that makes your process better?

I do not require anything fancy or out of the ordinary to do my work. I use Cheap Liquitex Basics Acrylic paint, and a couple different sized brushes. One thing I have to have, however, is a fine detail brush and my small desk easel. I paint in my garage or on the kitchen table with paint squirted out on a paper plate. Having such a simple set up makes it quick to set up and take down before and after painting. 

What’s your favorite music to put on while creating?

I just want to listen to anything hardcore. It gets me pumped! I used to listen to destrurbed’s indestructible album on a loop when I painted.

What’s your favorite film/tv show that you think everyone should see?

This has nothing to do with my art, but Battlestar Galactica is my all time favorite show.

What’s a subject that you know a surprising amount of?

I am very fascinated by Astronomy and Quantum Mechanics. I know more then that average person and can hold an intelligent conversation about the topic but I’m no expert.

What’s your favorite way of treating yourself after tackling a project?

Posting the accomplishment on Facebook and Instagram, and going outside an having a celebratory cigar and whiskey.

How do you want to challenge yourself artistically in the future?

Really focusing on these narratives and tackling oil paints. I have never used them before. The possibilities are amazing. I think it would really help my work. I aim to get a solo show somewhere, shooting for Eureka Springs. A wise man by the name of J.R. Jones, once told me that I need to create 50 works of art. That way I have a backlog whenever an opportunity arises. I will never need that many pieces for a show. The worst thing any artist can come across is a brilliant opportunity but not enough product to capitalize on it.