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SMAC History
and Mission

The Southern Missouri Arts Connection (SMAC) is a local non-profit bringing the arts to the community through networking opportunities, education, and community partnerships. Dedicated to connecting the arts and the community for the enrichment of all. Our vision is to be the hub of artistic creativity, educational experience, innovation and partnership for the region, enhancing the quality of life for the entire area.


The Southern Missouri Arts Connection was founded by Donna Rastofer in 2014 in an effort to turn the old vacant downtown Branson High school into a large scale community art center that would house all area arts organizations under one roof. Due to the enormous cost of renovations and asbestos removal, the SMAC board redirected the focus of the organization in 2017. From the summer of 2017 to the present, SMAC has provided over 100 visual arts events, classes, and workshops for southern Missouri.


SMAC began organizational membership in 2018 and currently has over 50 members at various levels, as well as 20 volunteers who help at events. SMAC has over 350 newsletter subscribers and 1,500 followers on Facebook. Our membership primarily comprises Branson and Hollister residents and artists. Our board of directors is a “working board,” which conducts all aspects of planning and execution of events with no paid staff. Instructors are paid as consultants and complete a 1099 for tax purposes. Our operating costs are supported through donations, fundraisers, ticketed events, and memberships.  

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