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At SMAC, we strongly believe in the value of cooperation and community. Because of this, we are dependent on the help and commitment of our amazing volunteers, who are essential to realizing our artistic vision. You have the chance to volunteer and use your talents, passion, and time to help us establish a welcoming environment for artists and art lovers. Every volunteer provides a different viewpoint and enhances everyone's experience at the art center, whether they are aiding with classes and events, helping with administrative duties, or offering creative direction.

Being a volunteer gives you the ability to immerse yourself in the realm of art while also joining a vibrant community and gaining priceless insights and contacts. We warmly invite you to join our team of committed volunteers and have a significant impact on the artistic community, whether you are an artist yourself, an art enthusiast, or someone who is enthusiastic about supporting the arts. Let's work together to invigorate, design, and establish a thriving future for the arts at our art center.

Volunteer Application

Please complete the form if you would like to start the process of becoming a volunteer at SMAC.

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