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Studio Rentals

The vision behind the SMAC artist studios is to bring local artists together in a collaborative and communal space where they can work and inspire one another creatively. Mainly giving artists a safe and functional space to push the boundaries of their art outside the home.

The chair of studio operations from the SMAC board of directors manages SMAC artist studios. SMAC artist studio members are expected to work independently and are responsible for all aspects of their work. Sharing is the key: Members share their experiences, knowledge and maintenance of the overall work area.

Requirements: Studio renters are required to be committed to working in the studio one day a week consistently and also have the gallery open and greet patrons. (Any day of the week between 8am and 8pm. 4-5 hours)

We encourage artists to make use of the space as much as possible.

SMAC Art Center

Studio Policies

The facilities at the SMAC art Center are unique in the area. It offers private and communal studio space for rent. Members have access to a gallery space, a resource library, communal supplies, 24-hour studio access, and open classroom space when unoccupied by scheduled events or classes.

Studio Membership

Because of the special nature of the SMAC art center, the administration has formulated a few do’s and don’ts which help to keep things running smoothly. These policies have to do with three primary goals:

Keep SMAC Art Center Safe! Keep SMAC Studios Clean! Keep SMAC Studios Neat!

Every member gets the key code for the building and has unlimited access to SMAC Art Center facilities.

There are two membership categories:

Private Space: Studio spaces vary in size. (5 total spaces for rent). All spaces are open with dividing walls separating individual units. Each private space member will be given one solo exhibition in the SMAC gallery every 18 months (scheduling to be worked out at the time of rental). Studios are a one year lease with a deposit of $150 and will be applied to your last month.

9 x 10 ($150) * RENTED

8 x 10 ($150) * RENTED

8 x 10 ($150) * RENTED

8 x 10 ($150) * RENTED

8 x 10 ($150) * RENTED

(Please call  or email us to be put on the studio waiting list)

Associate Members: Renters will have access to the common room as a workspace when it is not occupied for classes or events. They will have a private locker space and can use designated classroom space. ($25) Locker leases are 3 months with a $25 deposit to be applied to your last month.

ALL SMAC Art Center members must also maintain an active SMAC “artist” yearly membership.


All rents are due on the first of each month. Invoices will be sent through Square as an email. Termination notice is one month.

SMAC offers one-month free rent for any SMAC member who pays for one years rent in advance.

SMAC Exhibition Gallery

The exhibition gallery hosts 10 show per year ranging from solo exhibitions to curated group showings. All artist’s must apply for exhibitions and go through the jurying process. SMAC will take 30% commission on all art sales in our gallery.

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