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SMAC Art Center Gallery
Exhibition Proposal Guidelines

The Southern Missouri Arts Connection presents approximately 12 exhibitions throughout the year in our Art Center Gallery. The program presents a diverse range of creative approaches, mediums, and background in artists. The Southern Missouri Arts Connection began in 2014. It has been in its currently location on Downing Street in Hollister, MO historic district since July of 2020. Exhibitions at the SMAC Arts Center originate by the Gallery Committee or from exhibition proposals submitted by outside curators and artists.  All proposals should aim to present exhibitions that are aesthetically strong, and that provide the community with the opportunity to explore topics of cultural, artistic, and social relevance.


The curator/artist proposing the exhibition is encouraged to view gallery specifications and see the space during gallery hours in order to tailor their proposal to the space.

Proposal submissions are accepted year round. All proposals must adhere to the guidelines. 

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