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Workshop Proposals

art intro

Please submit one form per class or workshop. Proposals will be presented to the SMAC Programming Committee for approval.  Upon approval, we’ll email you a contract that will need to be returned before your scheduled class.  Thank you for your interest in teaching with SMAC!

  1. Name of class: 

  2. Name of instructor, address, phone number, email: 

  3. Instructor bio, no more than two paragraphs:

  4. Photo (JPG) for instructor bio and photo of art example (if applicable)

  5. Age range of students: 

  6. Brief class description: Please be brief and concise, explain exactly what the student will learn and make, no more than one paragraph 

  7. Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, All Levels and any “prerequisite” you require 

  8. Complete Supply list including what the student needs to provide, what you are providing and what SMAC needs to provide 

  9. Supply fee per student (if applicable), and what supplies you are providing for that fee:

  10. Preferred dates/times for your class (please include 1st and 2nd choice):

Please submit class proposals to:

Tenille Blair-Neff

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